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PREMIERE : Second Still - "In Order"

Second Still - "In Order"

"In Order" - the last single from Second Still's new EP Equals is out today over at Big Takeover Magazine:

"Infectious bass lines infiltrate your body and attack your senses. Guitar phrases glide in undulating melodic waves that peak into moments of formidable delay feedback. Heavyweight drum machine beats feel like punches to the gut. Combing the ’80s underground for only the best of influences like Xmal Deutschland, Garlands -era Cocteau Twins, Asylum Party, and Opera De Nuit, Second Still invokes the classic surging sonics of La Vague Froide as their sound washes over you." - The Big Takeover

Equals comes out officially this coming Friday, April 20th on vinyl via the Belgian label Weyrd Son Records, and on cassette through the new tape label Sentimental Records.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Chris King/Moon Palace Productions

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